New product instructions

The following are the general steps to use a saddle float:

1. Put on a suitable flotation device, such as a life jacket, before entering the water.

2. Approach the saddle float and position yourself beside it.

3. Reach over and grab the underside of the float with both hands.

4. Position the float behind you, with the saddle portion in contact with your thighs or hips.

5. Use your hands to steady the float as you kick your legs to propel yourself forward while lying down.

6. When you wish to stop, simply stop kicking and allow the float to come to a halt.

7. To get off the float, gently push yourself away from it or roll to the side and lift your legs out of the saddle.

8. When done using the float, return it to where you found it and remember to remove your flotation device.