Domestic swimwear exports account for 70% of the global total

Mainland China has become the world's largest exporter of swimwear. According to the "China Procurement Information Report - Swimwear" published by Global Sources in Shanghai recently, the total export volume of swimwear in mainland China in 2005 reached 250 million pieces, accounting for 70% of the global total.

Michael Kleist, general manager of the content development department of Global Sources, said that the substantial increase in China's swimwear exports in 2005 depended on the removal of relevant textile quota restrictions. As a result, China's swimwear exports to the United States increased by 500% that year, with a value of 79 million US dollars. The export scale is as high as 120 million US dollars.

The report also showed that this upward trend in exports will continue. 49% of the surveyed Chinese swimwear exporters still regard the EU as their main export market. At the same time, due to the fierce competition in the low-end market, mainland Chinese manufacturers will spend more energy on product design in the next few months. Among them, 48% of the surveyed manufacturers will design swimwear with brighter colors and more avant-garde patterns; 20% of the surveyed manufacturers will add body-modifying features to their swimwear; and 13% of the respondents will improve the swimwear Features.