Seventy percent of the world's swimwear comes from China, and the Russian and German markets are almost occupied

Xinhuanet Huludao, August 19 (Reporter Shi Qingwei) "90% of swimwear in the Russian market comes from China, and 80% of the swimwear in the German market comes from China. The share of Chinese swimwear in the international market is constantly expanding." China Textile Construction Senior engineer Guo Hongjun of the Planning Institute and other relevant experts said at the 2nd China (Huludao Xingcheng) International Beach Swimwear Cultural Expo that the international market has a very strong demand for Chinese-made swimwear.

According to reports, many countries and regions have increased their imports of swimwear from China in recent years. Spain is one of the world's largest swimwear consumption countries. Since 2007, China has become one of the five major suppliers of Spanish swimwear market, with a market share of 36.4%, equivalent to about 45 million euros. Chinese swimwear is very popular in the international market due to its high quality and reasonable price. Last year, China produced 420 million pieces of swimwear, about 50% of which were exported.